Full Movie: Roohani Taqat 1991| Dramatic Movie| Gurudas Maan, Jagdeep, Neelam, Kiran Kumar

Roohani Taqat 1991| Dramatic Movie| Gurudas Maan, Jagdeep, Neelam, Kiran Kumar

Director:Mohan Bhakri
Producer:Deepak Sharma
Music:Naresh Sharma
Main Cast:Gurudas Maan, Jagdeep, Neelam, Kiran Kumar.

Synopsis:A tantrik (a black magic practitioner) uses the power of evoking the spirit of Binda whenever some villagers come to him for help. Binda kills the suspect & who ever comes in his way. Once he kills Vimla (Rohini)’s husband right on her wedding night on the request of Sheru. She then requests the Mukhiya & all the villagers to fight Binda though this was not possible. So the Mukhiya passes the rule that noone should go to the Tantrik whatever be the issue. Years pass. One day a few city people enter the village & stay in a guest house owned by Phoolchand (Jagdeep). They attend Karan (Kiran Kumar) and Madhavi (Shagufta)’s engagement. Shankar (Gurudas Mann) & the Mukhiya’s daughter Gauri (Shree Pradha) fall in love at first sight. Karan requests them to stay back for two more days till the marriage as he loves Madhavi very much. Three of the guests Rana (Rana Jung Bahadur), Monty (Shehzad) & KK (K Raj) rape Madhavi. Before her marriage she commits suicide leaving a letter behind for Karan. Karan breaks down on reading the letter and decides to punish all the people in the guest house. Vimla gives him the Tankrik’s address & he pleads with the Tantrik to evoke Binda again. He does so and restarts his killing spree. All the villagers close their doors for the city people. Will the three rapists get punished? What will happen to the innocent persons? Watch more to know…

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