Full Movie: Rishte Naate l Raaj Kumar, Nutan l 1965


Rishte Naate l Raaj Kumar, Nutan l 1965

Synopsis : Kalpana – God blessed me with all happiness, a good home, a good husband and a sweet Meenakshi. Bhabhi was Meenakshis mother, but I had the joyous provilege of being called as “mother”, though Bhabhi kept on claiming her rights over Meenakshi. My husbands behaviour so attracted my father that the treated him as his own son, while his own son Raja Bhaiya lost his place as a son. Destiny leads, men follow. Meenakshi was my life but people say kalpana sacrifices her life for Meenakshi. . Sunder – I was a humble villager and was honoured when Thakur Sahib gave his daughter “Chhoti Maan” in marriage to me. Thakur Sahib had all affection towards me. But when Kalpana left this world, I went back home with Meenakshi. I did not realise what Rishte could be still left between myself and Thakur Sahib. But I was wrong and had to go back to Thakur Sahib, when he expressed his feelings. . Thakur Sahin wanted me to re-marry. I was not for it. Who could take the place of my beloved Kalpana – the way she loved me, the way she loved me, the way she adored me – all like a dream. . Thakur Narendra Pal Singh – I know Kalpana, my daughter, much better. The cruel hand of Fate does not exempt any-body. Sunder ! I have faith in you. Whoever comes as your wife will worship you as your wife will worship you as Devta. Apart from this, think of Meenakshi, who is always crying for mother. She wants a mother. For that sake, you should marry. I need a daughter to look after me in my old age. . Savithri – The pride of womanhood is motherhood. Alas! this was denied to me. Meenakshi nevr called me, mother, which alone would persuade Sunder accept me as his wife. . I had won over all Rishte Naate in my married life, but could not win over Meenakshi. Kalpana had not given birth to Meenakshi, but even then she accepted her as “mother”. I too did not give birth to her, instenad gave more then a mothers love, but failed to get the place of Kalpana and was never called “mother”. But my dream came true. She called me, mother, on the last day of my life, which gave me life out of death. . Meenakshi – All say that Roopa & Raja are my parents, but I say is absolutely worng. My parents are Sunder and Kalpan. But when kalpana, mother, left me and Babuji and never came back, then someone else came in her place. But she was not mother. She too sang a lullaby to me like my mother, but her voice was not like her.

Director: K. S. Gopal Krishnan
Music: Madan Mohan
Main Cast: Raaj Kumar, Nutan… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Amar Jyoti Films
Release: 1965

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