Full Movie: Razz 1981 – Dramatic Movie | Sulakshana Pandit, Raj Babbar, Shreeram Lagoo, Kadar Khan

Razz 1981 – Dramatic Movie | Sulakshana Pandit, Raj Babbar, Shreeram Lagoo, Kadar Khan

Director- Harmesh Malhotra
Producer-Virendra Kumar
Music-Ravindra Jain
Year: 1981
Cast: Sulakshana Pandit, Raj Babbar, Shreeram Lagoo, Bharat Kapoor, Kadar Khan, Sujit Kumar, T.P. Jain, Ram Sethi, Iftekhar, Jagdish Raj, Murad, Brahm Bhardwaj, Appi Umrani, Tilak Raj, Pran Nath, Purshottam, Devichand, Kohli, Abrar Khan, Baby Geeta Khanna, Baby Priya, Sarika, Helen

Synopsis: Raaz starts with the scene of a railway station known as Bhavani Junction, at which the heroine of the movie – Seema (Sulakshana Pandit) is waiting for her train to start her journey to an estate for the purpose of her employment in the household of Kunwar Chandrapaal Singh (Raj Babbar) as the governess of a little girl (Baby Geeta Khanna). One handicapped man who moves with the help of crutches (Dr. Shreeraam Laagoo) is also wandering at the station. The train comes and Seema boards it. In her compartment, she finds a strange fellow-passenger Sujeet (Sujeet Kumar) who tries to make advances to her, but she keeps him at bay. Suddenly another stranger enters with a revolver in his hand and as the train passes through a dark tunnel, shoots Sujeet dead and then sits there himself (in the train compartment) relaxing. Badly frightened, Seema finds one more revolver lying on the floor of the compartment, but the moment she grabs it, the killer strikes her hand and throws that revolver out of the window of the running train. When the train is about to reach some station, the killer exits and then only does she start shouting for the incident of the murder that has taken place in front of her eyes.After giving her statement to the police, Seema reaches her employer’s house and then she comes face-to-face with a person who is none else than the killer of Sujeet. Now she is in deep trouble. She wants to run away from that house and that place, but can’t because her condition is more or less that of a house-arrest. Local cop Khan (Kadar Khan), who is the investigating officer of Sujeet murder case, wants to take her full statement because he smells that she knows much more than she has told to the police, but now she is under even higher pressure to keep her lips tight because her beloved niece (Baby Priya), who has been hitherto staying in the hostel, has been brought to the household of Kunwar Chandrapaal Singh. The handicapped stranger who moves with the help of crutches, is also found roaming about that household. When questioned about it, he terms himself as a novelist and his claim is unreliable because his activities are weird and suspicious. A greedy person, (Bharat Kapoor) who happens to be the son of the partner of Kunwar’s father, is also there in the scenario who keeps on extorting money from him.Gradually, Seema comes close to Kunwar Chandrapaal Singh and then she becomes aware of his deceased wife (Saarika) and the misdeed and betrayal of Sujeet, who once happened to be a fast friend of Kunwar. One day Khan arrests her under the charge of Sujeet’s murder, because of her finger-prints being found on the revolver thrown out of the train (found out by the police later), which coupled with the deductive reasoning applied by Khan, culminates into a conclusion drawn by him that she alone is the murderess. At the time of her arrest, Kunwar is out of station. When he returns, he not only comes to know of her arrest, but also the fact that she has confessed for Sujeet’s murder. What happens thereafter takes the movie to its climax in which the complete suspense of Sujeet’s murder is unravelled.

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