Full Movie: Rachna 1983 – Dramatic Movie | Anil Kapoor, Jagdeep, Nazir Hussain

Rachna 1983 – Dramatic Movie | Anil Kapoor, Jagdeep, Nazir Hussain

Producer:Girdhar Bhatia, Pravin Kaul
Music:C. K. Chauhan
Main Cast:Anil Kapoor, Deepak Shankar, Jagdeep, Nazir Hussain

Synopsis: To serve, to give to sacrifice, without expectation is love the image of God, the base of all Religions. The love that sustains this world, is the sotry of Rachna. . Seth bhagwandas expires leaveing behind his fortune to his selfish, arrougnt, motherless son Raj who is looked after by his faithfull governess whom he calls Mousi. Raj is deeply infatuated with Maya, a beautiful fortune seeking dancing girl. Being aware of this, Seth Bhagwandas stipulates in his will, that Raj must get married within a month to any other girl but Maya. The girl he married, will equally share all the rights in business and properties. Failing this all the property and wealth is to be donated to an Ashram. . Raj and his friends find a way to cheat, the will. The answer, was to marry a sick girl who was expected to die soon. So a poor girl Rachna was found in an orphange. . Tulsi, a lovable young man, who supplies esentials to the orphanage, loves Rachna. Love that he never expressed. . Raj and his frineds plan their moves and induce Rachna to marry Raj. Helplessly Rachna gives in. . Raj now waits for Rachna to die, but Rachna who is in love with Raj defies even death. Raj is desperate and feels cheated. Caught in his own trap, he makes matters worse by fracturing his leg. Rachna papers the invalid Raj and he now desires his wife whom he starts noticing gradually. His plan to posess her wife is abruptly upset by Mayas aunty, who exposes Rajs real character and motive for his marriage to Rachna. . Hurt on realising that her God had feet of clay, Rachana, leaves Raj Mousi and servants also leave the house. Raj misses Rachna and wants her back, but will not swallow his pride.

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