Full Movie: Pyar Ki Baaten l Nargis,Tirlok Kapoor,Jhony Walker l 1951


Pyar Ki Baaten l Nargis,Tirlok Kapoor,Jhony Walker l 1951

Synopsis : The Sultanate of Halab was well known all over the Middle East for its great Sultan and people. It enjoyed a good reputation in the neighbouring countries, but for its heir, apparent prince Badar, the vagabond hunter, meant little to the fair name of his country. The Sultan decided to get his son married as soon as possible and do away with his sons evils for once and all. A marriage offer was sent to Amir Nakhlistan, a Sultan of neighbouring country, to obtain the consent of the Amir for his daughter princess Nadirah, as a bride to Prince Badar. The youthfull princes Nadirah was not an easy game, being a proud, and self-conscious royalty. She knew all about Badars past. Out spoken in rage the pricess sent a doll for Badar with a word that the prince was only fit to marry the doll and it was not his previlage to degrade the good name of her ladyship. The reply was enough for the hot blooded prince Badar, to accelerate his ambition of revenge against the insulting proud pricess. Disguised as an ordinary peasant Badar quitted the palace to fulfil his ambition. Gulnar, Nadirah’s step mother had a complete hold over the weak Sulatn. The step mother wanted to take full advantage of the siutation by persuading the Sultan, to marry Nadirah to one of Gulnar’s stupid cousins prince Baland Bakht who was a coward and idiot, and nadirah would not accept him as her suiter at any cost. Now nadirah was in a fix and needed help desperately. She managed to contact Saqi, the chief of Sultan’s army and requested him to help her in getting away from the befallen trouble. Saqi promised to rescue her, if Nadirah was willing to leave the palace quietely for a while and stay out until things improved in her favour. There was no other way for Nadirah but follow the course shown by Saqi, one dark night she sliped away with Saqi to the outskirts of the country. Saqi being alone with Nadirah in a country inn, forced his attention on her and asked her to marry him. Running from one trouble into another Nadirah had to face the same odds in Saqi’s company. Incidentaly the disguised Prince Badar was also staying at the same inn as a service boy to the inn keeper. He saw in Nadirah’s stay at the inn a good opportunity of qcquaitance to aquire his visitor. Posing as a servant, Badar found out that the lady was already in trouble and offered her his help. Nadirah needed help badly, therefore with the help of servant Jalal, or shall we say Prince Badar, Nadirah got out of Saqi’s clutches. She went straight to her palace and Jalal was deputed as her permenent steward in reward for his bravery and courage. The odds were against Nadirah again. Before she could face the insisting pressure to marry Prince Baland Bakht, Saqi, the army chief managed to get in to her bed chamber one night and carried her away from the palace. What happened to Nadirah that night and who married her can be seen on the silver screen.

Starring : Nargis,Tirlok Kapoor,Jhony Walker,Maruti,Rashid,Kuckoo
Director : Akhtar Hussain
Music : Khaiyyam and Bullo.C.Rani
Release Date : 1951

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