Full Movie: Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya 1998 – Comedy & Romantic Movie | Dharmendra, Salman Khan, Kajol, Arbaaz.

Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya 1998 – Comedy & Romantic Movie | Dharmendra, Salman Khan, Kajol, Arbaaz.

Director: Sohail Khan
Producer: Sohail Khan, Bunty Walia
Music: Himesh Reshammiya, Jatin-Lalit, Sajid-Wajid
Main Cast: Dharmendra, Salman Khan, Kajol, Arbaaz Khan.
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Release: Mar 27, 1998

Synopsis: Salman Khan & Kajol are love birds. Arbaaz Khan is Kajol’s brother, Ujala is Kajol’s friend (Anjala Zaveri). Dharmendra is Kajol & Arbaaz’s chacha and Kiran Kumar is a businessman and Salman’s dad. After the death of Kajol’s and Arbaaz’s parents, they stay with Dharmendra. Kajol comes to Mumbai with Arbaaz for further studies. In the same college she meets Salman Khan. He plays the role of a mischievious boy in this film. They study in same class. After some days they become friends. On ‘Rose’ day Arbaaz comes to meet Kajol, Salman does not know that he is Arbaaz is Kajol’s brother, ‘Bade Bhaiya’. There they have a small fight. After that Arbaaz takes Kajol back home. Salman can’t stay without her so he follows her in the bus. Reaching home Salman apologises to Arbaaz and proposes to Kajol. But Arbaaz refuses to accept the same. Salman leaves the house but while walking on the road, he sees an accident. The accident victim turns out to be Dharmendra. He saves Dharmendra. In turn Dharmendra thanks him and requests him to stay with him in his house. Arbaaz makes him do a lot of hard work and makes him sleep in a stable. To make Arbaaz happy, Salman does all the hardwork and at night he sleeps in the stable, but still Arbaaz dislikes him. The villan enters the strory. He deceives Arbaaz Khan by saving him from a false accident. Arbaaz is happy with him and propoes kajol’s hand in marriage to him. Dharmendra comes to know about Salman and Kajol’s love and gets angry as he was kept in the dark. Seeing all this Kajol & Salman get depressed. Arbaaz can’t see tears in Kajol’s eyes so he goes to that villian and takes back the proposal. In anger the villlan kidnaps Kajol. Thereafter, Dharmendra, Arbaaz and Salman save her. The police comes in the end and takes the villian away. Arbaaz then willingly gives Kajol’s hand to Salman and also proposes to Anjala. Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya ends in a happy and romantic way. It shows love, fun and affection.

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