Full Movie: Pyaar Ka Saudagar 1991 – Romantic Movie | Aashif Sheikh, Moon Moon Sen, Mandakini

Pyaar Ka Saudagar 1991 – Romantic Movie | Aashif Sheikh, Moon Moon Sen, Mandakini

Director : Kalidas
Producer : Sundeep Kumar
Genre : Romantic Movie
Music : Bappi Lahiri
Year : 1991
Cast : Aashif Sheikh, Moon Moon Sen, Mandakini

Synopsis: Manorama, orphaned at birth, after having suffered successive molestations by the village landlord, and a welathy lecher, Sadhuram fled to Bomaby. Where, having found shelter in the house of renonwed doctor she was trained to be a nurse, and after nursing a rich heart patient(Viren Sinha) back to health, married him, an old bachelor, and rose to a high status in society, going by the name Mona Lisa Sinha. While discharging her duties as a wife, Mona came to be secretly in love with Arun, an important employee in Sinha’s firm, and one day caught red-handed with Arun by Sinha’s nephew, Shomu who hated Mona. Threatened with exposure, Mona got Arun formally married to a young girl Shalini, who needed twenty five thousand rupees to save her father from going to jail for having embezzled a bank. Mona assured Shalini that the fake marriage was for show only and for a limited period of one year, after which the marriage would be dissolved. Shalini came to know soon after that the contract marriage was enacted to throw dust in the eyes of Viren Sinha. Arun obtained a huge contract from a big firm Goa, obviously on account of Shalni’s luck, and won Sinha’s admiration and Mona’s wrath for falling in love with Shalini and cutting off his relationship with Mona. Infuriated, Manorama sought to avenge herself by disclosing the fake marriage to Sadhuram and gave him the copy of the fake marriage contract. Sadhuram abducted Shalini, who, resisting molestation, jumped from the top of the building, and killed herself. Sadhuram buried Shalini’s body, and produced the marriage contract to Shalini’s father, Deendayal, and isntigated him to rush to Arun and demand explanation. Highly excited by his confrontation with Arun, Deendayal suffered a heart attack and died, but Arun was charged with his murder, and the story of his affair with Mona was revealed in the court, Arun was discharged for lack of adequate evidence. Sinha, after a bitter confrontation with Mona, died of heart attack. Arun, led by Sadhuram’s servant, found Shalini’s body in the grave, and after a fight with Sadhuram and his goons, was wounded and Sadhuram killed his servand and absconded. Shomu kidnapped Mona’s child, which was actually fathered by Arun, and born after Sinha’s death, and extorted a large ransom. Sadhuram, however, held the child from being returned, and compelled Mona to confess to a court that she had killed Shalini and buried her body and also killed Sadhuram’s servant. Manorama was sentenced to death, and before mounting the gallows, implored Sadhuram to return her child to Arun after collecting from him rupees thrity lacs. After her hanging was flashed in the newspapers, Arun went to Sadhuram with the ransom money to get back the child. Sadhuram took the money, but refused to give back the child. At this most crucial hour, Manorama returned after her hanging to rescue her child. A fight took place. Manorama’s mournful life came to an end while rescuing her child, but not before she killed the devil, Sadhuram, who had ruined her life. She breathed her last in the arms of her beloved Arun, entrusting to Arun’s care her child, who was the product of their love.

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