Full Movie: Pratighaat 1987 l Full Hindi Movie HD l Sujata Mehta , Arvind Kumar, Rohini Hattanga,Charan Raj


Pratighaat 1987 l Full Hindi Movie HD l Sujata Mehta , Arvind Kumar, Rohini Hattanga,Charan Raj

Director – N. Chandra
Producer – Ramoji Rao
Music – Ravindra Jain
Actors – Sujata Mehta , Arvind Kumar , Satyaprakash Joshi ,Charan Raj ,Rohini Hattanga,Nana Patekar,Kota Srinivasa Rao,Ravi Patwardhan,Ashok Saraf, Mohan Bhandari
Date – 17 March 1987

Synopsis – The Revenge) is a 1987 Hindi feminist drama film directed by N. Chandra, starring Sujata Mehta as lead.[1] It was a remake of the Telugu film Pratighatana (1986), directed by T. Krishna, with Vijayshanti as the lead. The film deals with politics-criminal nexus and a college lecturer who takes them on, even after she faces public disrobing.
Made on a low-budget, and no big stars, it went on to become a hit, making Rs. 8 crore at the box office.[5] It became part of the hat-trick of hit films by N. Chandra, Ankush (1986), Pratighaat and Tezaab (1988).Dharampura is a city in modern secular India that is being terrorized and held at ransom by Kali Prasad, a dreaded underworld don, extortionist, who also runs his own courtroom, shielded and protected by the local M.L.A.. He does away with his opponents openly without any fear of being arrested. When Constable Karamveer arrests him, Kali gets himself released the very next day, abducts, rapes, then kills Karamveer’s wife, beats him senseless, and eventually leaves him raving mad. When Durga’s husband opposes him, he has him killed right in front of his wife and other city folk. When Inspector Ajay Srivastav arrests him and holds him in the lock-up, only to release him as the witness against Kali turns hostile, Ajay is hunted down and killed in broad daylight in the presence of thousands of witnesses. Only one witness comes forward to implicate Kali – her name is Laxmi Joshi, a school-teacher, the wife of Advocate Satyaprakash. Kali gives them 24 hours to withdraw the complaint. When that does not happen, the people of Dharampura will get to see Draupadi’s story being re-enacted again – this time it will be Laxmi who will be publicly disrobed, and amongst the helpless spectators will be her husband.