Full Movie: Panghat l Umakant, Leela Pawar l 1943

Panghat l Umakant, Leela Pawar l 1943

Synopsis : Kiran was the only son of Ganga Prasad. Jamuna Prasad was a zamindar and an orthodox Brahmin residing in the neighbouring village. He was the son of Durga Prasad Chaturvedi who had had built a community well so that people from his village as well as the nearby region could draw water. However, Jamuna Prasad imposes restrictions on drawing water from this well. When Jamuna Prasad’s daughter (Radha) grows up, he decides to get her married off to Mohan, the son of Trivedi, a businessman. Kiran arrives instead at Jamuna Prasad’s house. Kiran wins the affection of Jamuna Prasad and his wife. He also falls in love with Radha but when Kiran’s real identity is revealed, Jamuna Prasad and his wife object to the marriage. Also Kiran advoctaes that all the villagers be allowed to draw from the well. Kiran and Radha wanted to marry each other in spite of the change of identity. Ultimately, the problem is resolved and Jamuna Prasad gives his consent to the marriage.

Director: K. J. Parmar, Mahesh Chander, Mahesh Chandra
Music: S. N. Tripathi
Main Cast: Umakant, Leela Pawar, Pandey, Ratnamala… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Prakash Pictures
Release: 1943

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