Full Movie: Night Club l Ashok Kumar, Kamini Kaushal l 1958


Night Club l Ashok Kumar, Kamini Kaushal l 1958

Synopsis : When there is dawn for the world, there is sun-set in “Night Club. When world sleeps, sun rises in the “Night Club”. The story of a criminal, Pran, the boss of the Night Club only for show, in that club murders declivities, and all the possible evils were in full swing, in that show that criminal Pran murdered Vijay, brother of Bindu. Bindu was left all alone Our Police Insector Kishore was doing every possible effort to arrest him, but Pran never left any proof anywhere. Bindu to take the revenge of her brother joined the Night Club. Putting his life in danger, Inspector Kishore also entered the Night Club as waiter in the disguise of a deaf and dumb. Bindu was behaving as a boy. Kishore was surprised to see her. Both united to arrest Pran and united to life too.

Director: Naresh Saigal
Music: Madan Mohan
Main Cast: Ashok Kumar, Kamini Kaushal… more
Genre: Action
Banner: Varma Pictures
Release: 1958

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