Full Movie: Mohabbat Isko Kehete Hain – Nanda, Shashi Kapoor – HD – B&W

Mohabbat Isko Kehete Hain – Nanda, Shashi Kapoor – HD – B&W

Director : Akhtar Mirza
Producer : Akhtar Mirza
Writer : Akhtar Mirza
Music : Khayyam
Year : 1965
Cast : Nanda, Shashi Kapoor, Ramesh Deo, Leela Chitnis, Anwar Hussain, David, Madan Puri, Tabassum, Kammo Tripathi, Helen, Chand Burque, Tuntun, Munshi Munakka, M.A. Latif, Mukhtar Ahmed, Jagdish Bhalla, Sikandar, Ratan Gaurang, S.L. Shah, Lala Nazir, Gopal Gorkha, Aziz Siddiqui, Lata Arora, Rani, Laxmi Chhaya, Rashid Khan.

Vijay (Shashi Kapoor) and Rajni (Nanda) have been childhood sweethearts in a small town called Rajgarh. They did separate for a few years when Rajni and her maternal grandma, Leela (Leela Chitnis), went to live in Calcutta. When Rajni returns, fully matured, both rekindle their romance, much to the chagrin of Kundan (Madan Puri) and his mom (Chand Burke). Kundan’s mom creates all kinds of misunderstandings between Vijay and Rajni, and Vijay’s conduct, especially gambling, lying, and telling tall stories, does not help. Then Vijay is arrested by the police and held in jail. When he is discharged, he swears to turn his life around and be worthy of Rajni, leaves Rajgarh, finds employment in Durgapur as a truck driver. When he returns home he finds that Rajni and Leela have re-located to Calcutta where Rajni is to be married to a man named Ravi Shankar (Ramesh Deo). A heartbroken Vijay goes to Calcutta to locate Rajni, but is unable to locate her. He falls into bad company…

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