Full Movie: Mirza Sahiban l Trilok Kapoor, Nurjahan l 1947

Mirza Sahiban l Trilok Kapoor, Nurjahan l 1947

Synopsis : The tale of MIRZA SAHIBAN is a tale of sublimation of Love. As a child Mirza was mischief incarnate. His parents were fed up of him. So much so that one day he was sent away to the village of his maternal uncle. Mirza took no time in establishing himself as a master of mischief in the new surroundings. A new element, however, entered his life. Sahiban, the lovely little daughter of the Chowdhry (his maternal uncle) suddenly became his companion and conscience-keeper. The teacher of their school was down with fever. The boys and girls were playing. Sahiban was playing with Fumman, her fatty cousin got wild and beat her mercilessly. Mirza saw this and mauled Fumman as mercilessly as the later had beaten Sahiban. Fumman ran away. Mirza got the punishment. Out of the class Mirza had this revenge. As years advanced. This relationship of three took deeper roots. Social barriers seperated Mirza from Sahiban. They lived under the same roof but could meet only secretly. Fumman managed to make a scandal of this and atlast Mirza was thrown out of house. The villagers asked Mirza to go away from the village. But a lover is different from a renegade. He stayed on. They met secretly under the Moon. Soon they were discovered. Chowdhry saved the situation and so managed the things that Mirza went away from the village to save Sahiban from disgrace. Sahiban went to see him defiant of all opposition. It was too late. Mirza had gone. Her wailing reached the moon. They moved the stars. Could they reach Mirza? Could they move the human hearts which so often see people perish and yet do not let them live?

Director: K. Amarnath
Music: Pt. Amarnath
Main Cast: Trilok Kapoor, Nurjahan… more
Genre: Legend
Banner: Madhukar Pics
Release: 1947

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