Full Movie: Milan Ki Raat l Sanjay Khan, Sharmila Tagore l 1967

Milan Ki Raat l Sanjay Khan, Sharmila Tagore l 1967

Synopsis : Parvati, a young virgin returns to her hometown after her collage education and is greeted by her brother Govind and her shrewish sister in-law, who desires to marry her to his delenquent and deformed brother. Parvati somehow meets Shankar, a handsome lawyer and both fall in love. A dominat person in the town is Prakash, a way-ward and lecherous Zamindar, who excels in seducing and at times even kidnapping young girls at his will. Parvati is forcibly kidnapped by Prakash one evening and is subjected to a fate worse than death. Now a ruined woman, Parvati attempts to commit sucide but is saved. She, therfore, renounces the world to dedicate herself in Janseva Ashram, a charitable hospital, as a nurse under the charge of a kindly Swamiji. She is lost to her relations and to Shankar. One day a young man, severely injured in an accident, is brought to the charitable hospital. The injured young is Shankar. Parvati is overwhelmed by her love for Shankar and without caring to hide her identity she starts nursing him with love and dedicated care. Shankar revovers fast and forces Parvati to quit the hospital. Parvati returns home and now Shankar insists on early marriage. Parvati now decides to reveal her past to Shankar before her marriage. Somehow fate plays a trick with the letter, she writes to Shankar. Shankar and Parvati are married. In course of time a lovely malechild is born to them. One eveining Shankar and Parvati celebrate their wedding aniversary and there appears on the scene Prakash the villain of the piece. The villain, drunk with ego, power, and the evil within him, reveals Parvatis “past” with a bravado. The Man-dominated society, instead of prosecuting Prakash and punishing him for his misdeed pounces upon the helpless victim, Parvati. She is driven from the house. One day Parvati faces the court of law on a charge of murder. She has murdered Prakash to save her child from death and she is not sorry for what she has done. She has to redeem her honour. She must punish the wrong-doer in the man-made society, which tends to protect a criminal if he is a male and persecute his victim if she is a female.

Director: R. Bhattacharya
Music: Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Main Cast: Sanjay Khan, Sharmila Tagore… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Musical Movies
Release: 1967

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