Full Movie: Mela l Dilip Kumar, Nargis l 1948

Mela l Dilip Kumar, Nargis l 1948

Synopsis : Mohan and Manu are childhood sweethearts. Year’s later love smiled upon her votaries, even if for a while. Their marriage was arranged. Few days before the marrige, Mohan left for the city to bring the wedding gifts. Mohan met with an accident. He remained unconscious in the city hospital, Manju pined for his return. The step-mother took advantage of the situation and since Mohan could not return she married Manju to a sickly man, old enough to be her father. Manju began to spend her life looking after the children.

Director: S. U. Sunny
Producer: S. U. Sunny
Music: Naushad
Main Cast: Dilip Kumar, Nargis, Noor Jehan, Chanda… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Wadia Films
Release: 1948

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