Full Movie: Maryada l Raaj Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Mala Sinha l 1971

Maryada l Raaj Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Mala Sinha l 1971

Synopsis : Man Mohan and Radha are blessed with twin girls. However as they are very poor, one baby girl Lakshmi is given off to Dayal to bring her up in his house in Himachal Pradesh. The other girl Lalitha is brought up by them in Bombay. Raj Bahadur’s father is Man Mohan’s employer in Bombay. Raj Bahadur is separated from his father as he is settled in H. P. He gets married to Lakshmi and has a son. His cousin brother Pran Bahadur tells a lie to Lakshmi that Raj Bahadur is dead and thereafter imprisons her. The son is given to Radha by Dayal as he is her grandson. Raj Bahadur is saved by Rajan from some robbers and becomes his friend. As he is unemployed, he is sent as Raj Bahadur to Coorg to find his wife & son. On the way Rajan meets Lalitha who is also on her way to Coorg to meet her mother and falls in love with her. Raj Bahadur arrives there incognito. After a lot of confusion regarding their identities, Pran Bahadur is finally defeated and Lakshmi is reunited with Raj Bahadur

Director: Arbind Sen
Producer: Arbind Sen
Music: Kalyanji-Anandji
Main Cast: Raaj Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Mala Sinha… more
Genre: Social
Release: Jul 16, 1971

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