Full Movie: Madhosh l Manhar Desai, Meena Kumari l 1951

Madhosh l Manhar Desai, Meena Kumari l 1951

Synopsis : Soni(Meena Kumari) and Raya(Manhar) belong to families who are enemies. Soni and Raya both have the attitude But gradually they fall in love. At the same time Raina(Usha Kiran) also loves Raya but Raya has no feelings for Raina. One day in an accident Raya wounded a police man. Afraid, Raya leaves his village and goes to Bombay with Soni and Raina. Raya and Soni get married. But since Raya lived a luxurius life earlier he feels that it would be difficult for Soni to manage it. Raya start tourtouring Soni and one day finally Soni leaves Raya and comes back to the village with Anand(Rayan). But now Raya realises the love for Soni and goes to the village to meet her but police try to capture him. Police start firing in which Raya and Soni both die.

Director: J. B. H. Wadia
Producer: J. B. H. Wadia
Music: Madan Mohan
Main Cast: Manhar Desai, Meena Kumari, Usha Kiran, Supriya Pathak, Jilloo… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Wadia Films
Release: 1951

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