Full Movie: Maa l Jeetendra, Jaya Prada l 1991

Maa l Jeetendra, Jaya Prada l 1991

Synopsis : Ram Khanna (Jeetendra) is a rich industrialist. His father has written all the wealth in Ram’s wife and child’s name. So Ram’s brother Murli Manohar (Shakti Kapoor) and his wife Maya (Aruna Irani) tries to get him married to Mona (Sahila Chaddha) in order to get hold of his money but Ram falls in love with Mamta (Jaya Pradha). So Murli and Maya try to kill Mamta and her son with the help of Galu Goli (Gulshan Grover). Gulu kills Mamta but Mamta’s soul remains to take care of her child. Her dog Dobby, helps her to save her child from them. In the end Ram comes to know about his brother’s doings and also about Mamta’s soul.

Director: Ajay Kashyap
Producer: Anuj Sharma
Music: Anu Malik
Main Cast: Jeetendra, Jaya Prada, Kader Khan, Aruna Irani… more
Genre: Drama, Social
Banner: Shantketan Films
Release: Dec 13, 1991

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