Full Movie: Lubna 1988 l Full Romantic Movie HD l Zahira, Prema Narayan, Raza Murad, Satyen Kappu, Veena


Lubna 1988 l Full Romantic Movie HD l Zahira, Prema Narayan, Raza Murad, Satyen Kappu, Veena

Director : Kabeer Rauthar
Producer : T. Mohamed Bappu,
Music : Manas Mukherjee
Actor : Zahira, Prema Narayan, Raza Murad, Satyen Kappu, Veena
Date : 1st January 1988

Synopsis : Nawab Aliyar Khan is one of those persons belonging to the older generation, who refuse to change with the times and still believe in the old Feudal value system. His only son Ayub is a modern youth. Zubeda, Ayubs cousin, also lives with the Nawab family. Both, Ayub and Zubeda, are doctors in a local hospital. She loves Ayub, but to him, she is only a good friend. One day, a lady patient, Lubna, comes to consult Dr. Ayub. Struck by her beatuy , Ayub falls in love with her at first sight. She also loses her heart to him. He decides to marry her. But when Nawab Saheb comes to know of his intention, he rejects the idea outright, because Lubna is none else but the daughter of Kazi Saheb, the family barber of the Nawab. But he gets a shock of his life when Ayub, defying him, marries Lubna and starts living at a friends place. Zubeda leaves the scene with a broken heart. At first, Nawab Saheb flatly refuses to accept the newly weds, but eventually yields to the constant persuations of his wife, and allows the young couple to come and live in the Haveli. But he hates Lubna, he simply cannot stand her sight. Kazi comes to meet his daughter. Incidentally Ayub and his mother are out for shopping at this time. And Nawab Saheb, in a fit of anger and hatred, insults Kazi and turns him out of the house along with Lubna. When Ayub comes to know this, he goes to bring Lubna back. But Kazi unable to bear the insults, refuses to send her to haveli. Ayub leaves the place with warning that if Lubna fails to return within a specific period she would be sorry for this. Persuaded by the neighbours, Kazi deides to take Lubna to her inlaws house. But before he could start, he receives a letter from Ayub, informing that he has divorced Lubna. Kazi enraged by this act of Ayub. Lubna feels hurt very deeply. When passions subside, and Ayub realise his mistake, he decides to marry Lubna again because he loves her so much and cannot live without her. But according to the Muslim social law, if a husband want to remarry his divorced wife, the wife has to be married to some one else and divorced by him, before she could be remarried to her first husband. Ayub, Nawab Saheb, Kazi all reconcile to this solution.