Full Movie: Loh Purush l Dharmendra, Jaya Prada l 1999


Loh Purush l Dharmendra, Jaya Prada l 1999

Synopsis : Ajit Singh, the strong bodyguard of the Chief Minister Gayatri Devi, saves her life from an attack by the enemies. . Minister Bhola Pande is successful in his plan to kidnap Gayatri Devis daughter Pinky and the ransom is the freedom of the prisoners! . Ajit Singh finds Pinky but only a murdered Pinky Ajit Singh is convicted in this murder funeral pyre, he manages is escape and catch Pinkys murderer amd takes him to Inspector Salim Hindostani. . Inspector Salim reaches the don of the criminals and overhear their next plan. He has a fight with them in which he gets injured. Just before dying he tells Ajit Singh about Bhola Pandes plot to kill Gayatri Devi.

Director: Hersh Kinnu
Producer: Hardeep Singh, R. S. Dhaka
Music: Dilip Sen-Sameer Sen
Main Cast: Dharmendra, Jaya Prada… more
Genre: Action
Release: 1999

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