Full Movie: Let’s Dance 2009 – Musical Movie | Gayatri Patel, Master Abhaas, Master Paras, Aquib Afzal.

Let’s Dance 2009 – Musical Movie | Gayatri Patel, Master Abhaas, Master Paras, Aquib Afzal.

Director: Aarif Sheikh
Producer: Dr. Arvind Patel
Music: Vipin Mishra
Main Cast: Gayatri Patel, Master Abhaas, Master Paras, Aquib Afzal.
Genre: Musical
Release: Jun 19, 2009

Synopsis: Prior watching this film, I somewhere knew that this film must be some kind of passion, goals, success and all. I guess everybody out there must have guessed the same. And that’s why I was very keen in watching this film. I am very fond of learning. I just get ready anytime to learn anything. That’s kind of my second passion, first is ofcourse movies, movies and nothing but movies.In this film exactly the same passion is having inside Suhani (Gayatri Patel). She just loves dance, love to dance at any point of time and she can even dance in her dreams. This is something a short but very Hot! Introduction of her. She stays with her closest friend Anoushka (Sugandha Garg) who is a crime reporter in one of the leading channel. She always yell out to Suhani to be serious about her career as she was doing nothing but only to teach small kids free of cost as she thinks that small kids enjoys their life fullest and she wanted to do it through dance. She is very simple normal girl who dreams to work with RJ Rehaan Jones (Aquib Afzal) who is quite famous Director in making music videos. She faced many stages like compromising and etc but she didn’t agree to do compromise with her dreams (lesson). In between she met with one cool handsome hunk Neil (Ajay Chowdhary) who was neighbor cum restaurant owner where she was teaching kids. He fell in love, done friendship, came closer, understand her, believed in her dreams, pepping her out when she was down and was helping her out in many ways whenever she was in need (lesson). One day her dream came true. RJ came to her house and requested her to part of their newly launch Music Video. She took the opportunity, worked with passion and she achieved success in night. If you dream big and stick to it no matter what’s going on then one day but obvious it has to come true, anyhow (lesson). In between this she once watched some young street boys who were very good dancer, she observed when they were dancing on the roads but they were directed in some crime world. She actually wished that these small little kids should explore their talents instead spending their life through this world (lesson). She convinced those kids and requested RJ to give them a break. Be he was wanting something on that behalf. She rejected and she sticks to her principle no matter what happened (lesson). Result she was blacklisted and was not getting job, more to that she was feeling bad for those kids, breaking their dreams. Now Neil suggested organizing their own show so that she can explore the kids (lesson). Suhani was confused because to make a show needs many things, it can’t just happen. Neil suggested her to think of only first step, and rest of the steps will create on its own (lesson). Result you all know, Happy ending.You guys might have noticed that I have mentioned some of the lessons in bracket. As I am very much passionate in learning so these lessons are very much helpful to me, thanks to “Let’s dance” and if you guys wanna learn these small little lessons and kind of this many lessons then do watch this film.

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