Full Movie: Khol De Meri Zubaan l Dada Kondke, Dinanath Takalker, Nanda l 1989

Khol De Meri Zubaan l Dada Kondke, Dinanath Takalker, Nanda l 1989

Synopsis : Laloo(Dada Kondke), a deaf man used to stay in a village with his mother. His mother used to work in Mehmood’s house. Verma has a daughter named Laali(Bandini Mishra), whose engagement breaks everytime, since her kundli doesn’t match. Laloo used to communicate with everyone through actions. During one such incident he falls from the temple stairs and luckily he gets his voice back. Laali falls in love with Laloo, but since his kundli doesn’t match with her’s, her father Verma, tells him to bring one lakh rupees. So he goes to the city to find work.One day, Laloo’s boss gives him one lakh rupees for saving his life. Laloo goes back to village and gives the money to Verma, but later, Verma says, he doesn’t have the money. The whole village goes against Laloo except Maa and Laali. Since he spoke a lot, Maa and Laloo pray to God to take his voice back. Immediately the temple bell falls on his head and he becomes deaf again.

Director: Dada Kondke
Producer: Dada Kondke
Music: Raam Laxman
Main Cast: Dada Kondke, Dinanath Takalker, Nanda, Chandrakant Pandya… more
Genre: Comedy
Release: 1989

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