Full Movie: Kangan l Ashok Kumar, Nirupa Roy l 1959

Kangan l Ashok Kumar, Nirupa Roy l 1959

Synopsis : At 10.30 in the night, in a room of Imperial Hotel, Karuna hit Ramesh with a clock and ran away with the love letters.. . At 11 on the same night, she got married to Inspector Sharat… . At 12 oclock next day, Ramesh was found dead & Inspector Sharat took the case in his hands. . Karuna heard this and trembled. She never wanted to kill.. She trembled during the day. She lay sleepless during the nights, torture and nervous. Life become one long nightmare. . Repeatedly she determined to confess. As she would approach, Sharat would hold her face in his hands & whisper – “I am very lucky to have get such a dutiful and loving wife as you”. . Father-in-law used to say – “My Bahoo is Lakshmi incarnate”. . Her little brother-in-law Munna loved her as his own mother. . And she lost the nerve to confess… . One day Sharat said- “These criminal women are like germs of disease. They must be destroyed if society is to live..Imagine that at this very moment, the murderers of Ramesh must be sitting surrounded by our mothers-daughters-sisters and wives, injecting her germs into their minds”. . And Karuna got a little afraid of her husband. Unable to bear the torture, she at last decided to confess… In the evening she approached him with determination when he suddenly said – ” the case has been closed. I have failed”. . And the long long nightmare came to an end… . But her happiness did not last long. Sharat discovered about her. And now his heart broke to a hundred pieces as he saw his wife, a picture of innocence, happy, playfull, affectionate, singing. Days of nerve wrecking investigations, with his own hands he was digging the grave of his married life, of his home, of his future happiness. At last with trembling legs, he stepped into his house to arrest Karuna. . But she was not there…She was running away to end her life of shame. . Gloom and darkness pervaded the home that evening.. Munna cried and fretted for his Bhabhee. Sharat lost self control & raised his hand to hit the child when somebody held his hand.. Karuna had come back to surrender. She extended her hands.. . “Yes, one day I had put gold KANGANS on your wrist, and today I am putting iron-Kangans”….Sharat heart cried in pain as he did his duty . The case started. Sharats father defended her, while Sharat accused her of being a woman of bad character… Karuna confessed her own guilt…the judge was about to announce the verdict of guilty.

Director: Nanubhai Bhatt
Producer: Uma Shankar
Music: Chitragupta
Main Cast: Ashok Kumar, Nirupa Roy… more
Genre: Social
Release: 1959

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