Full Movie: Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye l Shammi Kapoor, Mehmood, Shakila, Johnny Walker l 1963


Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye l Shammi Kapoor, Mehmood, Shakila, Johnny Walker l 1963

Synopsis : Ranjit received a telegram from his friend Saroop asking him to proceed to Bombay immediately. Ranjit rushed from Allahabad to Bombay Wen to Saroops place. He was very disappointed to find that Saroop had left Bombay for a few days due to an emergency. Ranjit styaed at a hotel. Daily he used to go to Saroops place to have a chat with Bhabhi. These visits became more important and necessary when cupid decided to step into the picture. Ranjit fell in love with Bimla, the cousin of Bhabi, who resided in the same building. Secret of love has a tendency to leak out at the first opportunity. People got wind of the affir of Bimla and Ranjit and Ranjit came out into the open to save his reputation. Bhabhi look into her striede and agreed that absense of Saroop. His stay was prolonged. Saroop came back. Ranjit met him but this was not his friend who called him. He turned to be another man with the same name and following the same profession. Saroop and Ranjit were total strangers to each other. . A disillusioned, sad and ridiculed Ranjit now went to the right place. But he left his heart into the old place. Saroop Kumar the real friend did everything to smooth things over. . But destiny continued to play its part. Due to a misunderstanding Bhabi arranged the marriage of Ranjit with the wrong girl. This was discovered before it was too late. To met matters right another gentleman Ashok was hauled in marry the other other girl away. Ashok, at this critical juncture decided to play a very dangerous practical joke with Ranjit and Saroop Kumar. As he hald the trump card in his hand he said he would marry Bimla and not Malti, the other girl. Actually he was in love with Malti. He was only trying to tease his friends. Ranjit and Saroop were bullied by Ashok. Both of them buttered him as much as they could and Ashok simply enjoyed the butler like services of his friends. One day, however, both discovered the fact that Ashok loved Malti and would die without her. They turned the tables on him and took their revenge. Now Ashok was the victim of their bullying attitude and that too with a vengeance. He could not bear this any more and one day he disappeared into thin air. Marriages were already arranged. Dates were fixed and the bridegroom was missing. Thing were really serious.

Director: K. Parvez, Kalpataru
Music: Kalyanji-Anandji
Main Cast: Shammi Kapoor, Amar, Mehmood, Om Prakash, Shakila, Johnny Walker
Genre: Social
Banner: Y. T. U. Baria Films
Release: 1963

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