Full Movie: Kabli Khan l Ajit, Helen l 1963


Kabli Khan l Ajit, Helen l 1963

Synopsis : Emperor Shahbaz (Samson?) has been conquering new territories right left and centre, leaving death and destruction in his wake. His latest conquest is Yakistan, whose king has surrendered, but a loyal patriot — Kabli Khan (Ajit) — refuses to admit defeat. Kabli Khan is held prisoner by Shahbaz’s army, but manages to escape with like-minded prisoners and stolen arms. He gets home to his village, just in time to save the village from being looted by Shahbaz’s soldiers. A further batch of the conquering soldiers are driven out, soon after. They return to Shahbaaz, to get the dressing down of their lives.

Director: K. Amarnath
Music: Chitragupta
Main Cast: Ajit, Helen… more
Genre: Costume
Banner: Amarnath Productions
Release: 1963

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