Full Movie: Jungle Beauty – जंगल की सुंदरताl Rajiv Kapoor, Kunika l Super Hit Hindi Action Full Movie

Jungle Beauty – जंगल की सुंदरताl Rajiv Kapoor, Kunika l Super Hit Hindi Action Full Movie

Synopsis : One of the best films ever made on the Tarzan plot in the B/C/D genre. The film stars Goga Kapoor as a hunter and auctioneer of ‘Jungli Ladkiyan’ in the big city. One of the iconic scenes includes an auction where wild girls in bare necessities are auctioned to famished buyers who I assume are actually the technical crew. The main story begins as Jack Gaud, who has the best role in the film, is a buyer who wants ‘Jungle Beauty’ a girl who can’t read or write English but sing a song titled ‘Jungle Beauty’ with choreographed animals. Jack Gaud only speaks through his keyboard and his interpreter is none other than Mr. Bob Christo. There is a subplot in the film where Rajiv Kumar who looks like a young Armaan Kohli tries to swoon Miss Jungle Beauty who is bound to marry Puneet Issar. This leads to a subplot similar to the love-jealousy angle in James Cameron’s Avatar. In all the whole film is enjoyable, but if you ask me for iconic scenes two out of several come to mind. One is the auction scene in the beginning, second Jack Gaud’s introduction and lastly a scene where Jack Gaud rapes a woman with the Casio keyboard kept below her body, so as Mr. Gaud ravishes her the keyboard plays to the mood. The only minus point — Joginder is criminally wasted.

Director : Dilip Gulati
Producer : Dilip Gulati
Music : Bappi Lahiri
Main Cast : Rajiv Kapoor, Kunika, Joshina… more
Genre : Action
Release : 1991

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