Full Movie: Jugnu l Dilip Kumar, Noor Jehan l 1947

Jugnu l Dilip Kumar, Noor Jehan l 1947

Synopsis : JUGNU a glamourous girl, sharing the giow-worms fate bed become the glow of life in the house of her uncle. . Left an orphan at an early age, she grew up in her ancles house whose fal generosity included a good collee education for Jugnu along with his own son DILIP. . Jugnu on the occassion of a picnic meets a young and handsome boy SURAJ who was trying desparately to put an end to his life. Jugnu prevents him from such an action. She does not know that it is all a joke and that her sympathey is wasted on a man whose vicms are her comrades herself, neither does Jugnu know that often in such harmless fun a person loses his heart and that tears evoked by laughter have sometines to mingle with those evoked by sufferings. Her sympathey turned into anger when the truth was known, but again swiftly enanged into love on calm speculation Reason accuses him. The heart exonerates him. . The course of true love never run amooth. Jugnu and Suraj love; but as the rose bunies in outself thown, so love buries itself the pricks of rivalry and hate. This hate is emdied in Dilip who too loves Jugnu and always view with suraj for her favour. . The rivalry and harted between dilip and Suraj and the disapproval shown by Surajs parents towards his anion with Jugnu, roused by differences in the soical statens and by their greeliness in maarrying him to a milliou airs dougatar dries Saraj practically mad. . How he struggles agains; these forces and how for he succeeds in battering down these walls of convention is richly told on the screen.

Director:Shaukat Hussain Rizvi
Music:Feroz Nizami
Main Cast:Dilip Kumar, Noor Jehan, Shashikala, Ghulam Mohammad, Ruby Mayer, Agha, Latika, Zia, Mohammad Rafi
Banner:Shaukat Art Productions

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