Full Movie: Johnny Walker l Johnny Walker, Shyama l 1957

Johnny Walker l Johnny Walker, Shyama l 1957

Synopsis : Chronicling the comedic escapades of Bombay-based alcoholic Murli Manohar as he uses a forged document to secure employment; falls in love with, Chandra Kripalani, the Manager’s Secretary; then fools her into believing that he is an abstainer, and the real alcoholic is his elder brother. He subsequently loses his job, but Chandra does not give up on him – she not only arranges an introduction with her Poona-based dad, Mangaldas, but also finds employment for him in Indore – not realizing that soon he will be arrested for violating Prohibition Legislation, as well as assaulting her in public.

Director: Ved Madan
Music: O. P. Nayyar
Main Cast: Johnny Walker, Shyama… more
Genre: Comedy
Banner: Natraj Productions
Release: 1957

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