Full Movie: Jai Santoshi Maa l Bhagwan, Bharat Bhushan l 1975

Jai Santoshi Maa l Bhagwan, Bharat Bhushan l 1975

Synopsis : Satyavati is a village girl, a true worshipper of Santoshi Maa. Birju Ram is a village boy who stays in another village, another true disciple of Santoshi Maa. Birju had four elder brothers all of who are married but none of the wives are nice. They love only money. Birju doesn’t work, he sings holy songs in temples. On one occasion Birju meets Satyavati and falls in love at first sight. With the blessings of Santoshi Maa they get married. But soon Laxmi, Parvati & Saraswati start testing out the truthfulness of their worship towards Santoshi Maa. They try to kill Birju Ram but he is saved by the blessings of Santoshi Maa. Birju and Satyavati are separated and life becomes treacherous for Satyavati at home. The wives of the other brothers starts torturing her. She has to do all the heavy work at his home and gets very nominal food. But still she doesnt stop worshipping Santoshi Maa. She intensely worships her and is heavenly blessed. On many occasions Santoshi Maa in a disguise came and saved her from many uneven dangers. Life was hell for her at her in laws place but still she remained a true disciple of Santoshi Maa. At last by the blessings of Santoshi Maa, Satyavati and Birju Ram were united. Birju Ram has by then become a rich man and they set up a temple for Santoshi Maa in their own house and lived happily ever after.

Director: Vijay Sharma
Producer: Satyam Rohra
Music: C. Arjun
Main Cast: Bhagwan, Bharat Bhushan, Mahipal, Neelam… more
Genre: Musical
Release: May 30, 1975

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