Full Movie: Izzat l Ashok Kumar, Devika Rani l 1937


Izzat l Ashok Kumar, Devika Rani l 1937

Synopsis : The Marathas and the Bhils have been living in peace and mutual respect for a period of twenty-five years, due to the efforts of the two chiefs, the Maratha Patel and the Bhil chief Maruti. The Maratha Patel’s son died at a young age and his nephew, Balaji, is being considered by the Patel to replace him. However, Balaji is against any sort of cordial relationship with the Bhils, and opposes any favourable treatment given to them. This upsets the Patel, who falls ill. He realises the consequence of Balaji succeeding him and regrets his decision made earlier to that effect. He wants to send a message to the Diwan (Chief Minister) that Balaji should not become the Patel following his death. The letter is intercepted by Balaji. The old chief dies, making Balaji the new Patel.

The story then focuses on the animosity that develops between the two clans. Balaji usurps the Bhils land and makes them work for him. Maruti, the chief of the Bhils and Kanhayia’s (Ashok Kumar) father asks the Bhils to leave. The clash between the two clans turns Kanhaiya into a bandit, who is then hunted by the Marathas. When Balaji tries to molest Radha (Devika Rani), Kanhaiya’s beloved, Kanhaiya kills him and lets himself be captured by the Maratha police as he does not want any further atrocities against his tribe. He is sentenced to be hanged. Radha comes to meet him in the jail but dies. Kanhaiya goes to his hanging being hailed as a martyr.

Director: Franz Osten
Producer: Himansu Rai
Music: Saraswati Devi
Main Cast: Ashok Kumar, Devika Rani, Mumtaz Ali, Vimla… more
Genre: Costume
Banner: Bombay Talkies
Release: 1937

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