Full Movie: Isi Ka Naam Duniya Hai l Ashok Kumar, Shyama, Mehmood l 1962

Isi Ka Naam Duniya Hai l Ashok Kumar, Shyama, Mehmood l 1962

Synopsis : Ramesh(Ashok Kumar) and Asha leave their home as children, because of the second marriage of their father Motilal (Nasir Hussain). Ramesh and Asha come to Mumbai where Ramesh works hard but gets nothing and eventually he adopts crime and becomes a gambler. He takes care of Asha and sends her to a hostel for education. Meanwhile Motilal searches for his children a lot, and after an accident he also comes to Mumbai and starts a business. Ramesh who is well known as Raju starts working with Premchand Verma (K.N.Singh). One day Asha comes back from hostel during vacation to meet her brother. Asha and Ramesh go to meet Sheela, who is Asha’s friend. Shyam(Mehmood) is Sheela’s brother and loves Asha. Shyam and Asha get engaged. Meanwhile Ramesh wants to leave crime and he leaves Verma. But Verma demands his money back, which was taken by Ramesh for Asha’s engagement. To get rid of all this Ramesh makes a plan to loot money from his house owner. He takes that money and manages his sisters marriage to Shyam but the police arrest Ramesh. At the end it is reaveled that Ramesh robbed his own father and they all meet finally.

Director: Shakti Samanta
Producer: Huda Bihari
Music: Ravi
Main Cast: Ashok Kumar, Rajiv Kapoor, Om Prakash, Shyama, Mehmood… more
Genre: Social
Banner: J. P. Produtions
Release: 1962

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