Full Movie: Haseenon Ka Devata l Rekha, Sanjay Khan l 1971

Haseenon Ka Devata l Rekha, Sanjay Khan l 1971

Synopsis : Gopal intends to take over the entire region under Raja Saheb, by hook or by crook. Things go his way when Raja signs a power of attorney in his name, and then accidentally shoots and kills a young woman named Silky, Gopal persuades Raja to run and hide from the police. Raja’s daughter, Sunita, is overseas, and when she returns home, she is befriended by a young man named Jai, who assures her that he is there to help her, and re-instate Raja. What Sunita does not know is that Jai is friendly with the very people who had helped Gopal overthrow Raja.

Director: Ravikant Nagaich
Producer: Ram Dayal
Music: Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Main Cast: Rekha, Sanjay Khan, Ranjeet… more
Genre: Social
Release: 1971

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