Full Movie: Hamari Yaad Aayegi l Tanuja, Ashok Sharma l 1961

Hamari Yaad Aayegi l Tanuja, Ashok Sharma l 1961

Synopsis : After finding job, to get accommodation in a respectable locality, Ashok had to pretend as a married man with kids. Owner of the house, a young widow(Hari Devi) believed him but she was bitter all the time. Ashok tried to understand her bitterness and soon he felt that she was like a little child. Ashok, on the other hand, who had lost a dozen dear ones, was always happy considering it as a fate. Slowly, Hari Devi changes and she begged him not to leave. But the message came from her mother-in-law to either drive away the young man from their place or leave Udaipur for Ajmer. On one of his busines tours, Ashok chanced to meet Manorama, a naughty girl, who along with her brother Bhulva danced and sang in the Mela to earn her living. Once trying to steal, Ashok saved her and scolded her for her pranks. They met. They parted. Days later Destiny took a dramatic turn. Manorama stole somebody’s chicken and hid in a house that happened to be the residence of Ashok. Ashok again saved her. Ashok offered her a job of house maid which she took at once. Slowly they started loving each other. Ashoks Boss Pyarelal when saw Manorama, he at once tempted her with gold, glamour and glory. He send Ashok out of Udaipur and made Manorama suspect about Hari Devi. Furious Manorama went to his home. Ashok and Bulva were searching for her, when he saw her with Pyarelal, he was shocked. He tried to shelter Manorama but a fight ensued and fever sticken Ashok lost. Ashok developed Pneumonia, but pneumonia did not seem to kill him so much, as the memory of the lost love. Morning brought Manorama her senses. She rushed back to her love, to ask his forgiveness like old times. But this time it was too late. Ashok was no more.

Director: Kedar Sharma
Main Cast: Tanuja, Ashok Sharma… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Show People
Release: 1961

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