Full Movie: Haasil 2003|Dramatic Movie| Jimmy Shergill, Irrfan Khan.

Haasil 2003|Dramatic Movie| Jimmy Shergill, Irrfan Khan.

Director:Tigmanshu Dhulia
Producer:Tigmanshu Dhulia
Main Cast:Jimmy Shergill, Irrfan Khan, Ashutosh Rana, Hrishita Bhatt
Banner:Karma Network Ltd.
Release:May 16, 2003

Synopsis: This is the story of about love and the mistrust between love. Anirudda (Jimmy Shergill) and Niharika Singh (Hrishitaa bhatt) are two friends who are studying in the same university and eventually fall in love.On the other side Gauri Shankar Pandey (Ashotosh Rane) and Ran Vijay Singh (Irrfan Khan) are lobbying for university president level elections In this fight RanVijay ends up killing Gauri Shankar in the name of politics and power. Soon, Ranvijay becomes the president of the university and become friend with the students. One day he trapsAnirudda on the attempt to murder case unknowingly and helps him escape to another city. After reaching there, Aniruddh realized that RanVijay is about to forcibly marry his love, Niharika.So will Aniruddha be able to disprove his wanted status,and rescue his love?Wil he able to fight against a powerful student polician?

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