Full Movie: Grahan 2001 – Dramatic Movie | Jackie Shroff, Manisha Koirala, Ameeta, Anupama Verma.

Grahan 2001 – Dramatic Movie | Jackie Shroff, Manisha Koirala, Ameeta, Anupama Verma.

Director: K. Shashilal Nair
Producer: Avinash Adik, Prakash Jaju
Music: Karthik Raja
Main Cast: Jackie Shroff, Manisha Koirala, Ameeta, Anupama Verma.
Genre: Drama, Social
Release: Feb 16, 2001

Synopsis: Grahan starring Jackie Shroff(Jaggu) , Manisha Koirala(Parvati) and Anupama Verma(Sunita). Jaggu is a honest lawyer, Parvati is dance teacher , Sunita & her brother Sanjay are CM’s children. A spoilt brat, Sanjay rapes Parvati and keeps her locked up for a month in a farmhouse, continously abusing her sexually. After a month Parvati is found on the street by a press reporter. He goes with her to police station & registers FIR against Sanjay. Hearing Sanjay’s complaint, the CM dies of a heart attack & his daughter Sunita becomes CM. Jaggu & Sunita love each other. Police arrests Sanjay. Jaggu & Sunita release Sanjay on bail & Jaggu fights for him in court. Jaggu blames Parvati & also tells her that she is a prostitute.He proves to the court that she is of poor character. As a result, the court releases Sanjay,. Hearing this all nonsense, Parvati get depressed & becomes mentally sick. In the party Sanjay takes the drugs & drinks lots of alcohol & also confesses before Jaggu that he had raped Parvati. Hearing this, Jaggu loses his temper & slaps Sanjay. Struck by remorse, he wants to apologize to Parvati. Jaggu goes to her house where he comes to know that she has run away somewhere. Jaggu searches for Parvati everywhere. Suddenly he finds her on the road in a miserable state. Jaggu takes her to his farm house where puts her under mental treatment . Doctor advises to take good care of her.After extensive treatment, including shock therapy, Parvati remembers everything that Sanjay had done to her.Jaggu goes to ask Parvati’s fiance if his family would accept her now. When they refuse, Parvati realizes that her life is ruined. In cold rage, she shoots Sanjay wwhile he is on stage, taking a ministerial oath. Police arrests her & a case is filed accusing her of murdering Sanjay. Jaggu becomes Parvati’s lawyer & defends her. At first, he loses, but in the second hearing he wins with this argument- Sanjay had a heart problem. So, when he saw Parvati toting a gun at him, he suffered a heart attack. Which means he didn’t die of Parvati’s gunshot. Parvati & her father thank him but Jaggu is depressed wondering if anyone will ever marry her. At this stage, Jaggu’s ex lover Sunita comes with Bhasker, Parvati’s fiance, & his family . Bhaskar says sorry to Parvati & proposes marriage. Parvati now leads her life happily, while Jaggu and Sunite get back together.

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