Full Movie: God And Gun l Jackie Shroff, Raaj Kumar, Gautami, Raj Babbar l 1995

God And Gun l Jackie Shroff, Raaj Kumar, Gautami, Raj Babbar l 1995

Synopsis : Vijay(Jackie Shroff) lost his family in a communal riots, arranged by leader Satya Singh (Sadashiv) in order to remove current C.M Raj Bahadur Rathod(Raj Kumar). In the riots, Vijay kills a policeman and A.C.P Avtar Singh(Raj Babbar) shoots Vijay on leg also declaring him a terrorist. Vijay then hides by becoming the member of a Robin hoon like gang, where he is friends with Akbar and Bhola Singh(Rakesh Bedi). They rob the rich to help the poor. They take shelter in the jungle of the ex Chief Minister,Rathod. Rathod warns Vijay to leave his place but when he know about the mission of Vijay and his gang he helps them. Now Vijay and Rathod start a mission against the current C.M.Satya Singh and his government. Finally, Vijay is arrested by the police. Rathod comes forward as an advocate and clears the facts to the judge and the public. Vijay get an imprisionment of 6 years and Satya Singh for 4 years and finally Rathod again becomes C.M.

Director: Esmayeel Shroff
Producer: Kulbhushan Gupta
Music: Anand-Milind
Main Cast: Jackie Shroff, Raaj Kumar, Gautami, Raj Babbar… more
Genre: Action
Release: May 05, 1995

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