Full Movie: Ghunghat l Asha Parekh, Bina Rai l 1960


Ghunghat l Asha Parekh, Bina Rai l 1960

Synopsis : The 1960 Hindi Film Ghunghat is directed by Ramanand Sagar. The story revolves around the young man Ravi who falls in love with Laxmi but he is forced to marry another girl. When they travel in train and meet another couple who also married as well. But the train gets an accident and Ravi’s wife dies in this incident but Ravi mistakes an unconscious Parvati to be his wife and takes her home. What happens to them forms remaining story?

Director: Ramanand Sagar
Music: Ravi
Main Cast: Asha Parekh, Bina Rai… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Gemini
Release: 1960

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