Full Movie: Gharwali Baharwali 1998 – Comedy Movie | Anil Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Rambha, Asrani.

Gharwali Baharwali 1998 – Comedy Movie | Anil Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Rambha, Asrani.

Director: David Dhawan
Producer: Tutu Sharma, Vashu Bhagnani
Music: Anu Malik
Main Cast: Anil Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Rambha, Asrani.
Genre: Comedy
Release: Jun 12, 1998

Synopsis: Although this film didn’t achieved that success but I actually liked the film. I don’t know whether it’s been inspired or straightly copied from any other movie but I like the movie. Its watchable, it’s entertaining and makes you laugh, and I think that’s enough for any movie to give. As all are famous and quite experienced players in the film so all the performances by the entire artist were remarkable. Music was also quite entertaining. I am sure many of us have seen this movie but still I will briefed it out in short the story of this film. As per the name suggests “Gharwali Baharwali”, Anil Kapoor was married with Raveena but due to some biological reasons they were not being able to produce any kids. Anil’s father Kader Khan was very much tensed and was wishing that to continue their family they should have one son. He tried for his son an extra marital affair so that he can produce a son from any other woman. But Anil was very loyal to his wife. One fine day he went to Nepal for some business work and there to save a girl he married to her (Rambha). Anil told Rambha everything about him but she was fine as she was obliged from Anil and also fell in love with him as he was a good man. They had a son and Anil brought him home saying that he is his friend’s son. Now one fine day Anil’s father came to knew everything and forced his son that Rambha should deserve his status and her son. At the end of movie Raveena came to knew all this drama and all this came to a hilarious situations which everything finished as a happy ending as usual.

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