Full Movie: Gehra Raaz l Sujit Kumar, Sofiya l 1971


Gehra Raaz l Sujit Kumar, Sofiya l 1971

Synopsis : The enemies of our country want riots to accomplish their object of destroying India because they think these riots to be the obstacles in the unity of the India. They plan it & riots spread in Bombay City in which many people die, women become widows, children are left orphans and the poor are rendered homeless. But Police control over the situation within no time. The enemy shoots his own men at the failure of their plan. But patriots save the country at the cost of their lives and ultimately they come to know the secret plan of our country’s destruction which is kept in a locket. In order to send this locket to Col. Ajit, it is handed over to Asha, who is the would be wife of CBI Officer Mr.Raj so that Col. Ajit may send this locket to the higher authorities to enable them to protect the country from destruction and finish the traitors. But col. Ajit is murdered in Bombay and the locket slips away from the hands of Asha. Asha is held responsible for all this and she is declared a murderer of her uncle. The police & the patriots are worried to get hold of the ill plan and want to save the country from ill things to comes. On the other hand the Enemies are waiting for the fixed time, place & date to implement their conspiracy

Director: Niranjan
Music: Salil Chowdhury
Main Cast: Sujit Kumar, Sofiya… more
Genre: Suspense
Banner: Salim Productions
Release: 1971

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