Full Movie: Gateway Of India l Madhubala, Pradip Kumar l 1957

Gateway Of India l Madhubala, Pradip Kumar l 1957

Synopsis : This entire movie essentially captures the happenings of one night. A young heiress, Anju (Madhubala) on the run from her murderous uncle, roams the streets of Bombay where she runs into a series of shady characters. To escape from them, she makes a rendezvous with all of them to meet her early next morning at the Gateway of India, which also happens to be the locale for some covert criminal activity involving her uncle, the idea being to nab the crooks red-handed.

Director: Omprakash
Music: Madan Mohan
Main Cast: Madhubala, Bhagwan, Pradip Kumar, Bharat Bhushan… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Light & Shade Pvt. Ltd.
Release: 1957

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