Full Movie: Garam Masala 1972 – Action Movie | Hema Malini, Tun Tun, Ashok Kumar, Mehmood.

Garam Masala 1972 – Action Movie | Hema Malini, Tun Tun, Ashok Kumar, Mehmood.

Director: Aspi Irani
Producer: C. Mohan, C. Mohan, Nazir, Reddy
Music: R. D. Burman
Main Cast: Hema Malini, Tun Tun, Ashok Kumar, Mehmood.
Genre: Action
Release: 1972

Synopsis: The film is a tale of a clash of ideologies-whether might is right or right is might. All was not well in the kingdom of Sabzbag. The king was missing for quite a few years and the prince was in the training center of Hercules growing up to be a worthy king. But Captain Kishore who was the despotic ruler had instructed Hercules to train the young king in everything but true kingship. On the Captain being satisfied that the young prince was developing into a cowardly fun loving clown, he sends a Royal escort to bring him from the training center of Hercules to be crowned. On the way by a trick Jugnu (a Gipsy girl) separates the young prince from his retinue and demands justice, on his becoming the king, but finds that the young prince was not capable of being either a strong or just ruler as he could not even find out what had happened to his own father. Jugnu lets him go and she is determined to fight herself for justice. The prince is received in the kingdom by the Captain and his beloved Neelima and seeing his antics, both of them are sure that he would be king in name only and they would themselves be the real power behind the throne. On the pretext of celebrating the prince’s birthday, they try to collect more money from the already oppressed people. When the soldiers of the Captain are robbing the poor people, a masked person comes to their rescue, drives away the soldiers, and returns to the poor whatever was taken away from them. The Captain is furious and lays a plot to capture the masked man who has become a thorn in his side, and accordingly when the masked man Garam Masala comes into the palace to take all the money that was taken from the poor people, he is captured and is about to be unmasked when a second masked man comes and saves GARAM MASALA. The Captain finds himself face to face with these two mysterious masked men and when going into the dungeons finds an unknown prisoner in an iron mask. Who are these two masked men? Who is the man in the iron mask? What is the justice that Jugnu wants?

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