Full Movie: Ek Thi Ladki l Meena Shorey, Motilal, Bharat Bhushan l 1949


Ek Thi Ladki l Meena Shorey, Motilal, Bharat Bhushan l 1949

Synopsis : The movie is based on the girl Meena (Meena Shorey – the Lara Lappa Girl – the song from this movie which made her famous). She is running away from two blackmailers Sohan and Mohan (IS Johar and Manju); who are blackmailing her for a a crime that she did not commit. Along the way she meets, Ranjeet (Motilal). Ranjeet is manager of a company and is engaged to the daughter of his boss. Ranjeet mistakes Meena for another girl who was supposed to join as his secretary and offers the job to Meena. The very next day Ranjeet and Meena leave for a business meeting. However, while checking-in to the hotel at Delhi Meena notices Mohan and Sohan and informs Ranjeet that the hotel is full. They have to spend the rainy night in a park. Ranjeet goes to meet the client but asks Meena to arrange a room at any cost. The client is duped by Mohan and Sohan who awards contract to them. As a result the Ranjeet is unable to meet the client. Meena meantime, reads an advertisement for household servant and gets the job for herself (and Ranjeet as well – by saying that she is married and Ranjeet is her husband). Ranjeet first gets mad but falls in love with Meena. Comic situations arises. Would Ranjeet and Meena get married?

Director: Roop K. Shorey
Music: Vinod
Main Cast: Meena Shorey, Motilal, Bharat Bhushan… more
Genre: Comedy
Banner: Shorey Films
Release: 1949

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