Full Movie: Ek Saal l Ashok Kumar, Madhubala, Johnny Walker l 1957

Ek Saal l Ashok Kumar, Madhubala, Johnny Walker l 1957

Synopsis : This story is about usha sinha(mad hubale) of a theif called suresh (ashok kumar) suresh was a thief who usually steals sime necklace from the party or somr cash from a safe box one day he got the opportunity to work as an estates manager of Mr. O.s. sinha who is the father of usha sinha. suresh taught to sted all money from the safe box and will run away fo that house. but as the story moves on col.S.Sinha got to know from the doctor (mehmood) that usha is having a severe brain tumor tumor disease and canot be cured. unfrtunatly she having only one year live.her dad not having that much courage to tell her daughter but on the other hand her daughter usha fall in love with estate manager suresh.Col. got to know all this explain all the situation to suresh.suresh ready to play the love drama with usha to give her happiness till she alive. but suresh was a caropted mind. some how he made an excuse and told col.sinha that he want som hansome money to play this drama.col. agreed on the other side, suresh partner rajani (kuldip kaur)gave an idea to suresh to ncrease. suresh to increase the life of usha showing her to some great doctor an that will thier income can also will increased. suresh had talk with Dr. M.M. puri (madam puri)he gave the refrence of Dr. lawrence from london . as the story moves on, noe day suresh himself ws feeling very guilty by taking money and all and finally he also fall in love with usha. Suresh partner Rajani got jealous as she was after suresh with long time. she hired a detective ( johny walker) to hsve a look on those two .some how that detective J.B. pinto(johny walker) came to know all he situation and her disease. now what will usha do/ will she commite sucide? will suresh get chance to express his feeling? will Dr. lawrence get the opprchunity to operate Usha
Director: Devendra Goel
Producer: Devendra Goel
Music: Ravi
Main Cast: Ashok Kumar, Madhubala, Johnny Walker, Madan Puri… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Goel Cine Corp.
Release: 1957

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