Full Movie: Ek Hi Bhool l Jeetendra, Rekha, Shabana Azmi l Super Hit Hindi Movie


Ek Hi Bhool l Jeetendra, Rekha, Shabana Azmi l Super Hit Hindi Movie

Synopsis : Ram (Jeetendra) and Sadhana (Rekha) are a married couple. They live a wealthy lifestyle together. Ram is a graduate, and works as an administrator in a multinational company and earns well.Their marriage comes to an end when Ram betrays Sadhana with her best friend Urvashi. Ram confesses the truth as he gets drunk, and tries to explain himself, and even Sadhna’s family tries to convince her to condone this one little mistake, but Sadhana cannot forgive him his unfaithfulness and she divorces Ram.After their divorce, Sadhana finds out that she is pregnant. She moves into her new home. Ten years later, they meet each other in a bus and Ram is the new manager of the office where Sadhna works.Coincidentally, Ram’s new house is close to Sadhana’s in the same neighborhood. Now when they’re neighbours, Ram tries to captivate her again and return his family and wife. He gets close to his son Raju. Will Sadhana forgive him his one and only mistake?

Director: T. Rama Rao
Producer: A. Purnachandra Rao
Music: Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Main Cast: Jeetendra, Rekha, Shabana Azmi, Asrani… more
Genre: Drama
Release: Oct 09, 1981

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