Full Movie: Dr. Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani l V. Shantaram, Pratima Devi l 1946

Dr. Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani l V. Shantaram, Pratima Devi l 1946

Synopsis : Dr. Kotnis(V. Shantaram) afters completing his M.B.B.S.returns to his home town,Solapur. His father has kept a dispensary ready for his practice. Dwarkanath Kotnis inspired by a speech at Azad maidan tells his father that he has agreed to go to China with 4 other doctors. His father readily agrees to this decision & bids him farewell with an advice to ” Return to India only after completing his work “. Dr. Kotnis & the other doctors reach China & start their work of treating war soldiers. Dwarka’s father passes away in India & 3 doctors from the panel return to India owing to ill health. Dwarka & another doctor remain behind. Dwarka meets Dr. Ching lan who assists him in his work. Dwarka & Ching lan fall in love and get married. Japan attacks the Chinese war camp due to which they have to evacuate the place & seek refuge near the Langshan mountain range. To add to their difficulties an epedemic spreads in the camp. Kotnis tries to find a cure for the epidemic but he falls ill himself. When Japan attacks India, he returns to India to serve but he succuumbs to the illness.

Director: V. Shantaram
Music: Vasant Desai
Main Cast: Rajaram Vankudre Shantaram, V. Shantaram, Keshavrao Date, Pratima Devi… more
Genre: Biopic
Banner: Rajkamal Kalamandir
Release: 1946

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