Full Movie: Do Matwale l Helen, Kamran Khan l 1966


Do Matwale l Helen, Kamran Khan l 1966

Synopsis : Amar and Jeewan were two friends. They came from the same village to the City of Bombay in search of work. . They tried their level best to secure work but did not succeed and they finished what they had and became paupers. It was difficult for them to go out of the house as they had no clothes to wear. To add to this, the creditors began to press them for payment and they had to put them off cleverly and pass on thier time. . One day, Amar got a reward of Rs. 2500/- by defeating Black Shadow in wrestling. They became so happy with it, but by mistake of Jeewan the monies were lost. They again became penniless. . During this period they came across, Meena-the only daughter of Profe- ssor Sharma. Meena fell in love with Amar. She introduced Amar and Jeewan to her father who was making some important Amar and Jeewan to her father who was making some important research on a formula. Madan the head of a notorius gang had an eye on the daughter of Professor and his dughter but all the time Amar and Jeewan foiled his attempts. . Ultimately Madan succeed in kidnapping Professor. He also took captive the mother and thesister of Amar, who happened to comes to the city on accourt of floods in the village. . Now it was a tas for Amar and Madan to rescue Professor, the mother the sister, and the formula which Madan compelled Professor to complete threatening the life of Meena.

Director: Kamran Khan
Producer: Kamran & Randhava
Main Cast: Helen, Kamran Khan, Madhumati, Malika, Madan Puri, Randhawa
Release: 1966

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