Full Movie: Dillagi l Suraiya, Amar l 1949

Dillagi l Suraiya, Amar l 1949

Synopsis : Sarrup had a heart to love and a flute it out awhile wandering as a fugitive he aroused the thrill in the heart of mala naoureshed by that feeling called love they send away their stolen moments in joy mala had on one side bfriend jamuna who helped her in and out of situations but she had mamu on the other side who smell their dolight with anger he managed to remove surrup on serving out his term of imprison went came to know that his eyes can no longer feast on seeing mala doubt seron imprisonment forture all weere of no awail to jyothi for mala still lamented her separation from swarup jamuna atlast succeeded to descentangle the plot she convinced mamu that the girl married with jyoti was another girl and not mala repentful mamu took the bride to jyoti who in great fury shot at him for playing tracks with his life he then rushed to fire another shot at mala whohad gone away from his house to meet swarup but when he saw them he changed his mind and offered a select prayer for the loveers had bid forewell to this world in each others arus the flute was broken the song had withered the thtill had frozen but ther fragrance of love stayed behind that are mortals may yet comprelievd it.

Director: A. R. Kardar
Producer: A. R. Kardar
Music: Naushad
Main Cast: Suraiya, Amar, Amirbanu, Chanda… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Kardar Productions
Release: 1949

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