Full Movie: Diler l Bhavani, Kavitha, Rajnikant, Vishnu Vardhan l 1979


Diler l Bhavani, Kavitha, Rajnikant, Vishnu Vardhan l 1979

Movie :- DILER 1979
PRODUCER :- K. K. Jagtiani & R. K. Jain
DIRECTOR :- K. S. R. Doss
CAST :- Bhavani, Kavitha, Rajnikant, Vishnu Vardhan, Balakrishna, Bhimraj, Chtanramarao, Dwarkesh, G. V. G. Rathnakar, Halam, Jaishri, Jayamalini, Leelavathi, Master Ramesh, Prabhakar, Rajnand, Ramu & Shakthi Prasad

Synopsis: Two brothers, by name Shekhar and Kiran separated in childhood. Shekhar, being the estate owner, maintains kind hearted relationship with all the people in the entire estate area. He saved one mother and daughter of another family member who were ruined by the fault of his own brother Kiran in the ealier stage. He has given shelter to them in his own house and treating them as his own mother and sister. Kiran casually meets Jyothi, the daughter of the effected family and falls in love with her which Shekhar noticed and warned Kiran, though he does not know that Kiran is his own brother. Laxmi was going to the temple that time Gangas gangmen kidnapped her and tired to rape her. She jumps in the river and Kiran saves her and brings to his room. It was revealed by Thingu that Laxmi is the wife of Shakhar. Kiran bargains with Shekhar that his wife will be returned only after handing over his Jyothi to him. During fight they come to know that they are the real brothers and thus they decide to take revenge with Kaal Bhairav and Ganga, who played a foul game. Both brothers found that Laxmi, Mother and Jyothi were missing.

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