Full Movie: Dholak l Hindi Full Movie l Ajit, Katju l 1951

Dholak l Hindi Full Movie l Ajit, Katju l 1951

Synopsis : This is the story of Manohar(Ajit) and Mona(Meena) who are the college and childhood friends to each other…After their college passed out Manohar tried his best to find a job butturned down with no vaccancy board everywhere…after a long search he got the job in a College as a music teacher. But on a condition that he is a married guy…To grab the job he lied that he is married…Writing a letter to Mona she somehow agreed to act as a married couple as she was also searching for a good job…But this lie could not hold for long…One of the teacher in school knows the secret terrifies them with the fear of police …in fear they had done the court marriage…But soon got dismissed from the job…Fortunately they got the another job as a Music teacher in some different College but now on condition that they both are not married with anyone…The cycle repeated…They acted as not married wth each other but soon the truth unfolds…Resulted lost their jobs…By all these situationns they both fell in love with each other but as they move towards their house to give the good news…Mona’s father requested Mona to maary jagirdar saab as they were unable to repay back their loan…Manohar and Mona saw the ray of light…Music competition which is going to be held in their College…But on condition…This competition in only meant for those who are not married…Now what?? Watch the musical comedy with sweet fights and bitter incindents between Manohar and Mona.

Director: Roop K. Shorey
Music: Shyam Sunder
Main Cast: Katju, Manmohan Krishna, Tun Tun, Ajit… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Shorey Films
Release: 1951

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