Full Movie: Detective l Pradip Kumar, Mala Sinha l 1958

Detective l Pradip Kumar, Mala Sinha l 1958

Synopsis : Loon Pe, Malayan Police officer was deputed to Calcutta from Singapore to trace out a smuggler named Sukhdeo, who had murdered an officer and escaped to India. His daughter Ma Shin accompanied him as she had none else and did not like to be left alone. . On the ship, Loon Pe and Ma Shin got acquainted with a magician named Raja and his eight year old son Master. . Sukhdeo in the meantime reached Calcutta and approached one Mr. Gonsalves, properietor of a hotel and the leader of a gang of opium smugglers. Noticing Sukhdeos features Gonsalves realised that the away criminal looked similar to one Mr. Lall, owner of a shipping concern. An idea worked in him. He kidnapped Mr. Lall and installed Sukhdeo as Mr. Lall. Mrs. Lall recognised too quickly that the man was an imposter but she was trapped and was vitually prisoner in her own house. Sukhdeo now helped the smugglers by employing Mr. Lalls ships. . But Loon Pe noticed Sukhdeo masquerading as Mr. Lall one day and he was clever enough to detect the impersonation. . Calcutta Police also became alert and they sent one officer who along with his servant became boarders in the hotel of Gonsalves as the Rajkumar of Shikarpur and his secretary. . Loon Pe made a secret report according to the facts collected by him, but before he could finally succeed he was shot at during the magic show of the heor Raja. Before dying Loon Pe whispered to Ma Shin about the report which must be handed over to another officer arriving after some days from Singapore. . Gonsalves and his gang got scent of the report and they tried to grab that at any cost. But Raja who had already a soft corner in his heart for Ma Shin came to rescue, foiled all attempts of the desperadoes outwitted them temporatily by running out of the hotel with his son and Ma Shin. But Gonsalves was not an inferior enemy. His men trace out the run always and kidnapped the little boy and Ma Shin with an ultimatum that they would kill the boy if the report was not handed over to them. . And then shock in a desperate bid to rescue the boy…..the magician.. walked on the razors edge….. . And then …. … …?

Director: Shakti Samanta
Producer: Mukul Roy
Music: Mukul Roy
Main Cast: Pradip Kumar, Mala Sinha, Dhumal, Johnny Walker… more
Genre: Suspense
Banner: Amiya Chitra
Release: 1958

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