Full Movie: Deep Jalta Rahe l Abhi Bhattacharya, Randhir l 1959


Deep Jalta Rahe l Abhi Bhattacharya, Randhir l 1959

Synopsis : It is a tale of sublime love and sacrifice that brings glory to the Indian Womanhood. . Dhanraj is the wealthy Zamindar of Dhanpur. Along with his own son Jeevan, Dhanraj has brought up an orphan boy Ashok. Ashok is a very clever and virtuos boy and dhanraj likes him more than his own son Jeevan who is evil by nature. This results in Jeevans hatred for Ashok. . Jeevans hatred for Ashok is further increased when he finds that Mala daughter of a poor peasant, likes Ashok more than himself and that a mere orphan boy is getting the better of him in his fathers affection and Malas attention. . As the years roll by, the love between Ashok and Mala takes a definite turn and they take a vow to marry each other. . Before leaving for England, Ashok meets Mala and promises to marry her after his retuen. . With the going of Ashok, jeevan becomes a virtual tyrant giving scant respect to his father. On one occcasion when his father admonishes him for his bad habits, Jeevan uses such offensive language that the old man ccollalpses with a severe heart attack and soon dies a frustrated man. . Jeevan, now the sole heir to the enormous wealth of his father and wit without any hindrance from any quarter, goes all out to spend the money by gambling and visiting the house of a dancing girl. He also takes a special delight in taunting Mala for her love for Ashok, who is now a pauper. He tries to win over Mala by the strength of his wealth but fails. . Ashok is quite ignorant of the happenings at home and writed to his father ot send him immediately Rs.5,000/- needed for an eye operation and that if the money is not sent, he would permanently become blind. . Jeevan is very happy at the news and he rushes to see Mala with the letter. He warns her that unless she is prepared to marry him, he will not send the money to Ashok. Mala is helpless. She loves Ashok more than her very life and decides to sacrifice herself. Jeevan gloats over the triumph he sccored over Ashok in getting Mala for himself. . After their marriage, Jeevan ill-treats Mala for all the suffering she caused him in their-early lives. Mala on the other hand tries to forget Ashok and win over her husband by love and pleadings. She, however, fails and Jeevan continues to live recklessly. . In the meanwhile, Ashok completes his studies in England and returns home. He is shocked to learn that Dhanraj is no more. But a bigger shock awaits him-he fings that Mala has married Jeevan while he was aw ay in England. Ashok thinks that Mala preferred Jeevan to himself as Jeevan to himself as Jeevan has inherited all his fathers wealth and that he himself is a pauper. Once in Bombay, he gets all the opportunities to fulfill his hearts desire and earns a big fortune. . One day while reading the newspaper, he learns that Dhanrajs Haveli is to be auctioned. He is upset at the news and comes over to Dhanpur and pays all the debts to prevent the auction. There, he learns that Mala is sinking fast. She tries to speak but words do not come out of her mouth. With her expressions alone she suggests Ashok to take care of her son and she breathes her last. . Ashok brings the child to Bombay and takes very good care of him. But when the boy is about four years old, the clouds of storm again threaten his piece of mind. Jeevan comes to claim his child. . Ashok by now is so much fond of Raju that the mere idea of separation robs him of all happiness. jeevan taking advantage of the situation demands money from time to time and loses the same in gambling and other vices. . Jeevan is not worried at losing money so long as he can make Ashok pay him his requirements. He has only to demand his sons return and he would get all the money he wants. But how long Ashok can pay like this? One day he refuses to pay when Jeevan deamnds a big sum, but Jeevan theratens to take away the child. Ashok has now to choose between all his wealth and Raju! Would he ruin the future of the child by hading him over to Jeevan? or Would he keep the child and bring him up in a better atmosphere and pay the debt of gratitude to Mala? See this stirring episode on the Silver Screen.

Director: Datta Dharmadhikari
Music: Roshan
Main Cast: Abhi Bhattacharya, Randhir… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Filmistan
Release: 1959

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